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Statins May Affect Your Bone Health

Statins May Affect Your Bone Health

Nicholas Bakalar, October 15, 2019. New York Times

Summarized by: Jacob Lyss

In a recently published article by Nicholas Bakalar for The New York Times, he writes that while statins are normally prescribed for their cholesterol-lowering effects, the recent studies by Austrian researchers published in The Annals of Rhuematic Disease show that they also can stimulate bone formation at lower doses, thus lowering the risk for osteoporosis, but also increase the risk for the bone-damaging condition at higher doses. The study found that among the 353,502 people that took statins, 11,701 of them had osteoporosis, equating to approximately 3.3% of the population taking statins, while the usual rate of osteoporosis amongst the general population is approximately 0.9%. This means that the disease is more than three times more common in people who took statins. Interestingly, those that took less than 10 milligrams a day were associated with up to a 60 percent decrease in the risk for osteoporosis, but those that took more than this dose per day had an increased risk of osteoporosis, increasing with the dosage. In light of these findings, the senior author of the study, Dr Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, said that these results do not mean that those taking statins should worry or stop taking their statins, since reaching a target LDL is a priority in overall health, but those that are taking statins should be aware of the study and monitor their bone health.

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