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Sealed primary molars are less likely to develop caries

Sealed primary molars are less likely to develop caries

Michal Hong DDS, August 2019. JADA

Summarized by: Gina Dolisi

In a 3-year retrospective study, 297 children were studied to determine the association between light polymerized resin-based fluoride releasing sealants and the development of pit and fissure caries. All children involved in the study had been diagnosed with a high caries risk and were younger than 6 years old. Sealant placement or non-placement on each primary molar in outpatient clinic and in the operating room was recorded and analyzed over time. The study concluded that when placed in both the outpatient clinic and the operating room, the odds of developing pit and fissure caries on sealed primary molars were significantly lower than primary molars without sealants. Therefore, dental sealants on primary molars should be considered for children at a high caries risk in order to aid in prevention of pit and fissure carious lesions

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