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Recent Advances In Elucidating The Mechanism of Dental Tissue Regeneration

Recent Advances In Elucidating The Mechanism of Dental Tissue Regeneration

Michael Irving, August 12, 2019. NewAtlas

Summarized by: Joseph Masselli

Unlike humans, rats have a unique ability to regenerate dentin as it is worn down. Recently, a study at the University of Plymouth in the UK investigated the regenerative property of rat incisors. It was found that a cholesterol-binding membrane glycoprotein (Prominin-1) is responsible for recruitment of ciliary membrane proteins in oral mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), allowing for spatial-dependant activation and subsequent regeneration of lost tissue. Without Prominin-1, stem cells were not able to signal to each other via the sonic hedgehog pathway, resulting in quiescence and absence of regeneration. This discovery takes the field of tissue engineering one step closer to the ability to regenerate dental tissue and save teeth that would otherwise be considered hopeless. This concept is met with skepticism much like the development of the dental implant and other groundbreaking scientific advances. It will be interesting to watch the development of this idea over the next few years.

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