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Oregon Passes Bill Allowing Dentists to Administer Vaccines

Kimber Solana, April 26, 2019. ADA News

Summarized by: Chloe Doto

On April 25th, the Oregon state legislature took the dentist's role in primary care

to the next level: both the House and Senate approved a bill allowing dentists to

administer vaccinations including flu shots and the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine.

Reports indicate that the bill received overwhelming bipartisan support and

is now awaiting the Governor's signature. In order to administer vaccinations, Oregon dentists will be required to take continuing education courses as well as adhere to vaccine storage standards. Increasing dentists' scope of practice in this way will allow more children

and adults to regularly receive their annual flu shot, as well as help to

prevent oropharyngeal cancer through the administration of the HPV vaccine. This bill aligns with the established relationship between oral health and overall health and will ultimately help dentists to better serve their patients.

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