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No Evidence No-Calorie Sweeteners Have Health Benefits, Improve Weight Loss, Study Suggests.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Steven Reinberg, Jan 3, 2019, HealthDay

Summarized by: Chloe Doto

Non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) have become a popular alternative to traditional sugars in response to growing health concerns. NSS are promised to reduce weight gain by lessening daily caloric intake, however, long term effects have contradicting results. Overall, there seems to be no significant difference in weight gain or loss, fat mass, incidence of bladder or urinary cancer, or metabolic activity in those consuming NSS compared to traditional sugars. Research findings have been limited to short-term studies and do not include differences between NSS compounds (e.g. stevia, asparatame). Future research should aim to accurately examine the effects of NSS on diseased populations and other subgroups, such as pregnant women and diabetic patients, as well as consider replicating real life NSS usage patterns.

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