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How Does Kombucha Affect Teeth?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Beth Krietsch, Feb 11, 2019. Times

Summarized by: Karen Lee

In recent times, kombucha—a fermented tea drink—has been lauded as having many health benefits, including improved digestion, metabolism, immunity, heart health and more. However, studies also suggest that its low pH value could lead to dental erosion. According to Dr. Clarisa Amarillas Gastelum, an assistant professor at SDM, kombucha’s low pH is comparable to that of soda, and may have similar effects on dentition by compromising enamel and increasing the likelihood of tooth discoloration. To protect your teeth, Dr. Gastelum's recommendation is to drink kombucha in one sitting rather than spread out throughout the day, using a straw, and rinsing with water after finishing.

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