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Dental Fillings Have the Ability to Last Twice as Long, Study Suggests

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Franny White, March 4, 2019, OHSU

Summarized by: Dhaval Shah

Dental composite has been used as a restorative material due to its adhesive and esthetic properties. However, a downside has been that composite is not very long-lasting, can crack under the pressure of chewing and gap formation between the filling and the tooth can easily occur. A team of researchers at OHSU School of Dentisty has created a filling material that is 2x more resistant to breakage than standard fillings. The material has additive thiourethane, which is also used to make car bumpers stronger and protect wood decks. The research team also developed an adhesive using a specific polymer known as (meth)acrylamides, which is more resistant to damage by bacteria and enzymes compared to standard adhesives. By combining the new adhesive and composite, patients can have longer-lasting dental restorations. This would hopefully save patients money and prevent more extensive treatment in the future.

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