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After Daughter’s Fatal Reaction to Toothpaste, Mother Calls for Caution

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Gwen Smith, April 15, 2019. Food Allergy, News

Summarized by: Sonia Bhutra Denise Saldate, an 11 year old girl, had a deadly allergic reaction from dairy found in

an unexpected source: her toothpaste. When her dentist prescribed a new toothpaste to help strengthen her enamel, her mother, Monique, did not think to check the ingredients. She had been buying toothpaste for years, and had never seen any milk present, so it did not occur to her that there could be dairy in this toothpaste. Unfortunately, Denise had an immediate reaction to the toothpaste, and even though Monique administered her EpiPen, gave her her inhaler, and began CPR, Denise did not make it. Now, her family is sharing her story and encouraging parents of children with allergies to never be afraid to ask questions and always be sure to read labels. This is an important reminder that as future healthcare providers, we must, on a regular basis, ask patients if they have any allergies.

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